In the World of Form, a 5 dimensional world, we begin to understand how Cause and Effect operate. We begin to learn how to simultaneously see both our Creations and the consequences of these.

If we steal, we gain something, but we have also created loss, at this time for another, but for ourselves in the future.

If we Will the enslavement of others to our Will, then we have created enslavement for ourselves in the future.

At the level of Form, we can see this clearly and obviously. We can both see our Creation and the consequences.

Although in 4 dimensional worlds we can create supreme power for ourselves, and the consequential weakness of others, we find it hard to see the consequences. What happens is that our power dwindles and we become weaker.

In the World of Form, we can understand how we can use our power for growth and advancement.

The World of Form can also be thought of the land where all the perfect Forms exist. So every triangle is an instance of the 4 dimensional triangle in the World of Form.

Every person is an instance of the 4 dimensional hyper-person in the World of Forms.

To 'see' these forms, we need 5 dimensions. We need to develop from the Earthly 4 dimensional life (or that in the Plain of Illusion).

At this level there is not the internalisation in particular 3 dimensional scenes as in the Earthly life or the Plain of Illusion because the being can view the World as a sequence of 3 dimensional scenes. He or she can scan the sequence, viewing past, present and future.

This is the start of freedom from matter, energy, space and time. But only the start.


Everything created in the World of Form not only creates its opposite but also causes the opposite to happen to you as well. If you stole a sandwhich in the World of Form, someone will loose a sandwhich, and in the future someone will steal your sandwhich. Also you can see past, present, and future in the World of Form.


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