This page is about the talk of visualization and how it works. This isn't a psionic ability, but more of a important skill needed for developing and using the powers of the Mind to a great Extent. From the Visualization is what commands things to happen right from the subconsious mind because whatever you visualize that you want to happen say like Telepathy or cryokinesis use, your subconsious mind is going to respond to those types of images and make come to life and that's where many people get results at law of attraction as well. the stronger one is in visualization, the more results they will see in psionics. This can be done with either eyes open as well.

With this, you can also make your Fantasy World

What is visualization?EditEdit

Visualization is the natural tool for us to see things in our minds eye. it's something that people use in this everyday life. a skill that all senses: Touch, sight, hear, smell, and taste works at. this is a benefit for those who are working on energy manipulation, for it does require visualization (via touch and sight to transfer the energy to one part of your body or just simply forming a ball between your hands, or one hand if skillful)


This well help out to those who are struggling with this skill. First clear your mind, relax, and close your eyes (see) Visualize yourself standing on the beach. Now walk to the water and use your touch sense to Feel the water's temperature and moisture. Hear the sounds of the crashing water hitting the beach shore, and hearing people around you laughing and swimming in the ocean. Then go to a fruit stand and pick up a lemon. Try tasting the lemon, and smelling it's citrus properties. If you do this right, your mouth will be watery. All of this is a Exercise and a way to understand the power of Visualization.

another exercise(elemental and energy)[2]Edit

Here is another to feel energy, water, ice, and electricity. clear your mind and relax. close your eyes, and visualize the energy of your mind (psi) is stored in your mind. Now channel this by seeing it move down your body, and try to know what it feels like. This will help in making Psi ball. you are only doing with your mind alone, not physical. Same goes for electricity. Visualize Psi energy changing to electrical energy. Feel this energy moving throughout your entire body as a tingling sensation. Use this for Electrokinesis. Ice is different. visualize a place like a blizzard or Antartica, and try to feel this cold energy hitting your body, making you very cold. For water, Visualize energy of it coming from the substance and into your body. This exercise was mainly on how to feel energy for those who are'nt so good at doing it. I hope you all enjoy this in Psionics:)

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