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About VallsalkaEdit

Recently discovered (in a vision dream) by Oblivion, of the Teen Oracles, Vallsalka it is the easiest dimension to enter. This dimesion is inhabited by two beings Tarlok and Sartace, Time and Space. There brother Sarlok, turned on them and tricked them into fighting each other, while they were fighting he took over Vallsalka. During his time ruling Vallsalka he learned how to control every element. When Tarlok and Sartace finnaly stopped fighting with their combined powers Tarlok and Sartace defeated Sorlok, and regained power over Vallsalka. The two brothers banished Sarlock from Vallsalka after regaining their power. Sarlock's has now returned and Vallsalka is in danger. Oblivion however is on the case, and is getting ready to battle Sarlock in order to protect Vallsalka.


The Spartions are the Elemental Spirits of Spatatia who desire to defeat Sorlack. The Spartations of Vallsalka decide who may or may not enter Vallsalka, if they do not allow your entry they will destroy you, so it is important for you to have prior permission from the Spartations before entering Vallsalka.

Description of Sarlok Edit

  • Family: Tarlok and Sartace
  • Age: 906897
  • Skin Color: Red
  • Hair: Long Black with Horns
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Height: Approx. 7'4"
  • Body description: Strong, fit, built
  • Weakness: The Sword of Elements
  • Abilities: To shed his skin and take over a new body, the ability to control all elements.

Sword of ElementsEdit

The Sword of Elements is the only weapon that can destroy Sarlok and can only be wielded by Oblivion.