• Unbonic

    please help

    February 20, 2015 by Unbonic

    hi all. i'm asking for help from a certain being. it seems to be haunting my dreams, the threat being the fictional character uboa. i know, this sounds insanely crazy, but i swear it's in my dreams. it shows up constantly, night after night, where people that i know who are very kind, and some that i know aren't, turn into that... thing. i don't now what it is, but i think it's a creature that shows the true nature of the creature. it normally changes people that are always very kind to me, but some people i know who act nice but are secretly horrible end up changing into this thing.

    i've been reading about the dream world being connected to the astral world, and the astral world being connected to here. if this is how i think it is, i beli…

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