Here I will write my progress and my master JetBlackrlsh can write in the comments, exercices or other things...

Note: I think you should know that I'm not training alone, I'm training with Tran (Ason) we both are training and want to become very strong.

Currently I'm training 3 things:

  •  Ki Manipulation

Level Intermediate: I can knock pieces of paper much more easily, max distance about 2 meters away from the target. I have invented lots of ki blasts that work very well to me. But to move more easily my chi I move my arm, it gives a special velocity and add a little more of chi to the blast.

Next archive :  - Knock the paper doing a blast with my body completly still ;)

                      - Knock a water bottle (empty)

  • Atlantian Magic

Yes, I return to magick again... It's very cool, and probably due to my Ki Manipulation sucess I will have better results, I found many more magicks, like forcecraft, nox, high magic, elvis speels, chaos magick, withcraft, but I like much more Atlantian Magic, so I will train that.

Level Begginer: Learning begginer speels.

Next Archive : Trying to recall my old speels and increase their effect, Liht, FrosRay, FlrPyro, EkimPyro, CuveMej, JotWats, etc..

  • Astral Projection

Ok, this one is old... I'm still training this. Me and Ason are very close, we both feel really strong vibrations in our body when training and I read that's a very good sign ;)

Level Begginer: Vibrations, my hands already get out some times.

Next Archive: Get completly out of my body ( Do Astral Projection ).

Thank's ;)

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