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    Guys I have created a blog that teaches EM, like some of you know my experience is all in Energy Manipulation, and since the time I discover it I have train it very hard and now I'm advanced, I have done a visible energy ball once and lots of dense energy balls that can affect pyshical objects and I think I'm prepared. I just want to inform you guys of my blog, if you're interested in EM take a look and read my posts, if don't, go there at same because you may discover a cool abilitie that as a lot to say or just go there to me having more views ;)

    Blog: "World of EM"

    Thanks for your time.

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  • TomToms SuperSayan

    Eii Jet.

    I think the priority is to learn Astral Projection, because I can came to you in the astral plane or in the Psi World and we can train there and I read that in the Psi world there are some tipe of clones(PTU) that give us abilities so that will be good, attention: I'm not lazy, I just want to have some powers to protect me while i'm in the psi world or againest other enemies.

    I just read after I write That (up), and I read somethings about the Teen Oracles HQ you need to tell me what's the website to enter, but not here. I wiil read the whole post of the Teen Oracles and then I speak to you again.Thank's

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    Here I will write my progress and my master JetBlackrlsh can write in the comments, exercices or other things...

    Note: I think you should know that I'm not training alone, I'm training with Tran (Ason) we both are training and want to become very strong.

    Currently I'm training 3 things:

    •  Ki Manipulation

    Level Intermediate: I can knock pieces of paper much more easily, max distance about 2 meters away from the target. I have invented lots of ki blasts that work very well to me. But to move more easily my chi I move my arm, it gives a special velocity and add a little more of chi to the blast.

    Next archive :  - Knock the paper doing a blast with my body completly still ;)

                          - Knock a water bottle (empty)

    • Atlantian Magic

    Yes, I re…

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  • TomToms SuperSayan

    1 Day

    July 26, 2013 by TomToms SuperSayan

    So, i found out that we can write here and that's what i'm going to do.

    I will write the most important things that happen to me:

    Astral Projection

    Tonight, I was training Astral Projection for my first time and I was a little bit scared. I was almost getting out of my body i was seeing a white light, but I scare myself and i stop and i felt that one part of my body was a little bit out, also when i was almost getting out, my arms and legs sometimes move. I need to make my fear dissapear and then i will try again.One more thing how can i came back to my body when i'm doing astral projection?


    There was one day that I used Energy from the Universe and my Psi and I made a Blue Visible Psi-Ball after 15 minutes, I was in a car. When I get …

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