Ghost and I have been training very often recently. Our wolf abilities have become more prominent as well as unpredictable. I have been researching hypnosis techniques but have been having trouble with my attempts. I have also been studying animal calls, the fox call was the easiest to research and I believe will be the most helpful. Other than wolf abilities I have also been studying a meditative state I have been using that causes me to fall asleep within a matter of minutes but can create unexpected effects such as telikenesis, the ability to see spirits without astral projecting, etc. I have not mastered nor do I fully understand this meditation, but I will keep experimenting.

If you have any questions or concerns please message me on my message wall. I do dissappear on these training sprees for days at a time, but at the most you'll only have to wait up to three days for a response.

Also to Horsy, and anyone else who is reading this, I am now prepared for long distant and astral psychic challenges, challenge me if you feel up to it.

Update: I just realized instead of using animal distress calls I could just use

I guess after everything that has been going on recently it just slipped my mind

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