Message from Matches

I voted for it, but the rest of the members did not. Their main concern was that the didn't want to be responsible for any actions of minors, or anyone that is under 18 years of age, and they any actions by any team members would be reflected on the group as a whole.

Also, the members stated that you guys can join once you become 18, or 17 1/2. They also said it wouldn't be fair to them because they had to wait until they turned 18 before they could join. In addition, anyone who joins we would have to know their full identities, for legal purposes. And, we do not wish for any minors or people under the age of 18 to disclose any personal identity information to us.

I hope you understand why the J-UJLA cannot be formed at this time.

Stay alert, Stay safe ~Caped Crusader</span>

We can still be the team without the name

We can still be the team we just won't be a part of the UJLA. We can still buy suits and gadgets from the UJLA we just can't be associated with them until we are atleast 17, until that time we can still be a global RLSH group of teens we just can't be a part of the UJLA.

You guys still in even though we can't be the JUJLA? (

We will just be our own group seperate from the UJLA, and we can still buy suits and gadgets from the UJLA)

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