When did this occur? / What is this about?

  • On the morning of December 18th, 2013 I used the ability of Thoughtform Generation to create Rayou to defeat Greycoat.
  • Rayou was sent to combat Greycoat and has successfully trapped Greycoat in an astral plane however Greycoat is not dead.

Abilities of Rayou

  • Rayou is a living mana generator and generates a surplus of mana energy, this means he produces significantly more than he needs to be a stable construct and never has to worry about running out of energy or needing to charge energy.
  • Rayou can use his control and generation of mana to completely restore dead astral worlds.
  • Rayou also can bind astral beings to astral worlds and prevent them from exiting the astral world they are bound to or take physical form.
  • Rayou is armed with an energy construct sword that is powered by his mana known as the Mana-Blade.

What happened?

  • Rayou first spread mana throughout the astral plane with the intent of restoring dead astral worlds that had fallen to Greycoat.
  • Then Rayou bound Greycoat to one of the restored Astral Worlds preventing Greycoat from escaping.
  • Rayou however was unable to kill Greycoat even with the Mana-Blade, this means that even though Greycoat can't flee the astral world he is bound to, he is still alive.
  • Rayou now and for the rest of time must watch over Greycoat and act as a guard making sure Greycoat can not escape the astral world.

Who is Greycoat?

  • Greycoat is an astral being that has destroyed many astral worlds, targeted and killed people in their dreams, and has been heavily feared by many.
  • Greycoat has the ability to dreamwalk, take physical form, and travel astral planes (This is no longer the case as he has been bound to an Astral Plane).
  • Greycoat is from a dead astral world known as the Violent Plane which is a plane that can only be escaped by completing an act of intense violence (This astral world has been restored thanks to Rayou on December 18th, 2013 however scars from its previous death are still visible to those who travel there).

Threat level of Greycoat as of Now

  • Greycoat is now unable to travel outside of the astral world Rayou has bounded him to meaning that he can no longer take physical form or travel to other planes or astral worlds.
  • However if Greycoat somehow is able to break free of the bind Rayou has put over him he will be able to escape.
  • The main concern now is finding a way to keep Greycoat bound for good, or to find a way to kill him.

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