What I have used to Improve Myself via Biohacking

  • Jump Height
  • Speed

How much have I improved

  • I can now jump one yard into the air on command.
  • I can now run one thousand steps in under four minutes.

How did I improve via Biohacking

  • I completed timed trials where I would attempt to take 100 steps in twenty seconds.
  • Sadly I can only get as high as 85 steps in twenty seconds which is just enough to be comparable to being able to do 100 steps in twenty seconds.
  • Alongside my timed trails I did squat exercises and ate meals.
  • On my best trial I had just finished digesting breakfast.
  • The squat exercises were what got me to the physical capability to jump three feet straight into the air.
  • After completing 90 squats and taking a small cool off period I was able to jump the full three feet in the air and have been able to since then.

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