An image of my familiar spirit's name

Familiar Spirit's Name

  • PaMGaMTaM


  • Male


  • Dominate Element:Earth
  • Secondary Element:Fire


  • Highly focused

Abilities and Notable Traits

  • Always growing stronger and more sacred.
  • Capable of Manifesting objects of clay from his clay chest.
  • Head of flames
  • Chest of Clay
  • Arms of Sacred Stone
  • Waist of Sacred Stone
  • Right leg of Sacred Stone
  • Left leg of growing tree

Favorite Color

  • Green

Eye Color

  • Brown

Hair Color

  • Red

Favorite Scents

  • Musky smells

Favorite Flavor

  • Rooty

Favorite type of music

  • Rhythmic

How I created my Familiar

Video about my Familiar

My Power Glyph Familiar Spirit01:25

My Power Glyph Familiar Spirit

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