Why I have been absent

Recently I have been finishing up finals at my university and currently I am moving, so I haven't been very active recently.

When I will be back

I will be back soon, I am still finishing up the moving process but once that is finished I have about a month or so before I start my Summer Semester.

What to Expect When I Return

I hope to add more articles to the wikia concerning the CIA's project StarGate, in which the CIA had many operatives training in remote viewing in order to help collect information for government organizations.

Project Stargate is now, and has been for a while now, declassified.

Not only is there information concerning the government's interest in psychic abilities, but also techniques used by the CIA in order to improve their abilities and evidence of improvement.

Based on the information collected from reading these files, I should be able to create a series of new pages in order to help more people learn how to harness their abilities.

How can one contact me

I am still available at 

If you have sent me a message and I haven't responded, I am not avoiding you.

I am simply still busy moving, and haven't had time to reply.

If you contacted me already, and are wondering why I posted here first

I feel that a lot of the general questions about where I have been, what I have been up to, and what are my plans for the wikia could be easily placed here for the general public.

You will still receive an email from me personally (hopefully), and it will probably have this blog post attached to it.


Thank you for reading this message, I will be back soon.

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