Listen y'all...I just realized something...This wiki chat is ruining my life. I sepend SO much time on it, that I forget to do homework, I foget to study, I forget school, blah blah blah, and most of all - I FORGET TO TRAIN MY PSIONICS!!! Which is really shitty...And yeah. The same for Facebook, but this is a lot bigger devil. I spend all those hours there, sometimes just watining for someone to come on, and when there's a lot of us, I don't talk about anything important, just rarly I do. Same 4 psi wiki, I spend all my day there, not focusing about anything else...There, I did you all a favor. I am off. I WILL come on, but just when it's something important, about TTO, or talking to Ricky, or tarek, and stuff like that, but there isn't much to talk about anymore...Welp, guys, cya then...

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