Listen y'all...Katie is a 100% liar...And the funniest thing about her is...She played with all of you like with toys! Especially Jet! Jet believed her 100%...Sure, maybe, she has a demon family, but in like an octillionth universe of something! MAN Wolf Girl was right...She lies every fucking second! And, ok, I have to admit that she controlled me too, but I figured that she is a braggy lil ass you was just playing a game the whole time...And you ALL believed her till I preoved she's a lying fuckass on the chat. And, of course, my proof was logical, and correct. Of all her abilities that she listed, she can do non of them. Maybe just like make a ki ball or something. She lied about everything, and even when she said she appologized to me on psi wiki. She can't do shit, but she is a shit. And I am surprised, that all of you believed her till the very end, except for Tarek, Electron, Sapphire and Jason. You are all so easy to be manipulated by a girl. Then when I talk the truth, Nia tells stuff like: ohhh look who's talking, a kid BULLIED BY A GIRL!!!......I mean SERIOUSLY...And I ask Katie to prove that she has a demon family, then she starts to brag: you can't tell me what to do! And when I say that to her she tells me I'm a brat!!! I mean SERIOUSLY GUYZZZZZZ she just said that so she can make an excuse for not letting everyone know that she has no demon family. As she makes a lame, bratish excuse for everything I ask her...So, Jet, do as you like, but I will just say that you are so naive and kidish to even post that on TTO page, so you can remove that. She is not a compleat fool, she was a slut playing a game and played with all of you ( except for tarek, Jason, Sapphire and Electron ) and me for a few days. But now you all need to realize that what I just said now is the truth. She is a waste here if she won't do anything but lie and play a game, so gtfo you slut, butch, whore, fucking douchebag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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