Flames of Retribution

Chapter 1:The Beginning

Hi my name is Jonathan and this is the story of how my life changed. The day my life changed was April 19 2010, and this is how it all started I was sitting under a bridge waiting for my parents to leave so I could go home. suddenly my face and hands felt like they were on fire. Then I heard someone says "Hey, Jonathan." I turned my head to see who it was and the woman I saw I did not recognize she is about 5'5 with long brown hair and dark brown eyes. So I asked "Who are you and how do you know my name?!" I never would have expected what she was about to say. She said "I'm your real mother and I have come to get you son."

I felt like I was about to faint but something about what she said made sense because Iv never felt like I belonged in this family. What she said next threw my world off balance. she said "Your powers are awakening" I asked "What powers are you talking about?" she replied "Your dormant powers of fire" I don’t know why, but I believed her. I said "That's so awesome! Please tell me I'm not dreaming! Ummmmm I have a few questions if that's ok?" she looks confused I'm guessing it was because of my reaction. "Its ok I guess" she replies sounding as confused as she looked. I ask "What would you have named me if you didn’t give me up?"

"Infernal Blaze" she replies. I was surprised because I thought she was going to give me some lame name like ,John, or something along those lines. "I love it!" I say while giving her a hug and then back away shyly "So whats your name?" I ask "Ummmmm Ruby" she replies with a confused but overjoyed look on her face. I don’t know why but I felt safe with her "So Ruby um do I have any siblings,and if so what are their names?" I ask with a little bit nervousness in my voice. "Um yeah you have an older brother ,Hellfire, and sister-in-law, Rose, a little sister, Sapphire,and a grandfather,Maxwell." that confused me a little bit so I asked "What about my father?" and she replied "He died trying to protect us so I could take you here, and then I decide to stay here to keep watch over you, but I go back at least once every two months " "So have you been watching over me my whole life?" I ask "Yes I have and you have grown into the son I had hoped you would be" she replies.

"Why did he have to protect us anyway?" I ask while feeling sadness well up inside me "Because when you where little you walked to a near by village and was playing with some local kids when they found out you were a fire user." she replies with worry in her voice like she was reliving the experience. "So I am a fire user huh?" I ask "Yes, son, you are a member of a clan of fire users that is called the Clan of the Inferno, and there are three clans, where we lived, with abilities that can control the other three elements, and those three clans try to kill us every time they see a fire user." she replies with intense hatred bubbling up to the surface "Why do they do that for?" I ask. "Because the current ruler of the planet ordered them to."

"Did you say ruler of the planet?! There is no one that rules this whole planet!" I say and by this time I felt like I was nuts because I’ve been hearing this strange voice calling to me telling me to make a halo of flames whatever the hell that is. "Not this planet Jonathan our planet, osmium, the one you were born on." and that didn’t make me feel sane in fact I felt more like a crazy person than before "So your telling me I'm an alien?! Do you think I’ll believe that?!" I ask feeling outraged, but I felt bad after I cooled down a little bit and let the truth of her voice, and her sad/disappointed face, seep into my mind,"I'm sorry this is just a lot of mind blowing, and life changing information I guess it just got to me I'm really sorry." I was feeling really guilty for yelling at Ruby.

"Its ok I knew this was gonna be hard for you but the time has come for you to know the truth so I told you the truth and if you have anymore questions just ask ok?" she replies. that voice I’ve been hearing is bugging the shit out of me I think I should ask Ruby about it "Ummmmm Ruby is it normal for fire users to hear voices, because I’ve been hearing one and its driving me insane?" her face at that moment was a mix of horror, happiness, and surprise "No! Only the chosen one can hear the voice of the wind!" she replied. so that was the voice of the wind, "The chosen one?" I asked with a little bit of confusion in my voice. "Yes the one that will break the chain of fear and the slaughter of our people! I always knew you were special but I didn’t think you would be the chosen one."

"Why did you think that?"I ask feeling a little embarrassed "Because your halo of flames was white." she replied proudly "So is it weird for a fire users halo of flames to be a different color?” I ask. "No its actually normal but no one has ever seen a white halo before" she replied. "So if my halo was white does that mean my flames will be white too?" I ask with so much curiosity that I can barely contain myself "Yes it does and if you don’t believe me just concentrate on making flames appear in your hand" she replies with a giggle. so I closed my eyes and concentrated on my hand and thought flames appear like twenty times and when I opened my eyes there was a big white fire ball in my hand it wasn’t hot at all in fact it was cold to the touch. while sitting there staring at the fire ball that was in my hand I thought I would try to do a trick with it so I closed my hand and left just my pointer finger out and the fire ball went to my finger which was amazing.

"So Ruby what color is your flames?" I asked "The color of a ruby which is how I got my name" she replied that's so cool I wonder what color the rest of my family's flames are "What are the colors of the rest of the family's flames,mom?" I ask and then realizing that I called her mom I started to feel awkward and so did she well it was more like extreme joy but there was also a little bit of awkwardness to her voice when she answered "Your brother's is black with a little orange, his wife's is pink, your sister's is blue, and your grandfather's is blood red" I was still playing with the flames in my hand and thought I would try to make a halo so I twirled a finger with a fire ball on it in the air to try and when I did I was surprised and I looked at Ruby and noticed that I wasn’t the only one surprised by the fact that I actually succeeded in making a halo so trying to be funny I placed it on my head and said "How does it look? Does it look good on me?" she giggled a little and replied "Yes it does, I’m really surprised that you were able to make the halo of flames so quickly."

when she said that I suddenly remembered that voice telling me to make a halo of flames then I head the voice again this time it said "good work now throw it toward the sky, and summon the one who will protect you from corruption, and who will lead you to your destiny" I don’t know why but when I actually listened to the wind's voice it felt so nostalgic like I heard it a long time ago but I just can't place where I heard it before. “ what happens when you throw your halo of flames toward the sky?” I asked.

“ you summon a protector from home-star, the closest star to Osmium, and that protector will also be your wife when we get back to Osmium so don't be surprised if she calls you honey or darling and don't be surprised if she has our last name.” she replies “ok I won't but before I do this I need to know a few things ,1. how long will this take?, and 2. you wont hate her will you?” I ask “1. it will take 10 or 15 minutes 2. no I wont hate her no matter what” she replies. Then I throw my halo toward the sky and it leaves a trail of flames that disappear then I just sit there thinking about what she might look like I got bored so I asked “how long will it take to get to Osmium?”

“ about an hour” She replies “so when are we going to Osmium?” I ask. “we will leave in three days” she replied. “where will we stay for those three days?” I ask “well for the first two we will stay at my house, and on the last day we will stay in a hotel in Japan” she replies, and right as soon as I was about to ask another question there was a bright flash of light and all the plants caught on fire but the flame were white and then there was a girl who looked like she was about 18 with long silver hair and bright blue eyes she was about five foot nine inches tall with average boobs she was as beautiful as a white rose in the middle of a desert there was just one thing she was completely naked.

“you must be Infernal Blaze my name is Crystal Blaze” she says excitedly. She looked kinda cold and having to look at her naked was so stimulating that it was hard for me to pay attention so I took off my coat and said “its nice to meet you Crystal, put this on you look cold” “thank you honey” she said with a hint of embarrassment in her voice I start to walk out from under the bridge but she grabs my shirt and says “where are you going?” she sounded worried as if I was going to run away and her worried face looked so cute “I'm just going to see if my parents are still at home so we can go get you some clothes and so I can get something to eat so don't worry” I reply.

She let go of my shirt and said “okay I'll wait here just be sure to come back” god she is so damn cute and I can tell that we are a perfect match already “I will I promise” so I walked out from under the bridge and got on top of it and saw that my parent were not at home so I leaned over the edge of the bridge and saw Crystal smelling my coat and I blushed a little thank god I put on some Axe this morning “um we can go to my house now my parents are not home” I say. Crystal jumped and started blushing and said “ok so shall we go then?” and Ruby replies “yeah” you could tell that she was wanting to laugh “well come on up here and we will head out” I reply and they got up and came out from under the bridge and Crystal ran up to me and gave me a hug.

So we started walking toward my house and then I remembered a question I had so I asked “so where is your house Ruby?” “its in Sikeston we'll take my car from your house, and go to my house it has two bedrooms and two bathrooms.” it seemed like she was wanting me to live with her well of course she was I am her son after all. My head was feeling like it was burning so I sat down on the side of the road and Crystal asked “whats wrong honey?” “nothing its just that my head feels like its on fire.” then I felt my long hair stand straight up and I heard Ruby say “wow his hair just changed colors” and I said “really?!?!? what color?”

“your hair is black with orange streaks!” Crystal said excitedly. Ruby says “Jonathan your little sister wants to talk to you.” huh I wonder what she wants “yes, Sapphire?” I asked and the voice I heard was so cute and filled with joy I thought she was a fairy “hello big brother, hows your wife? You should send me a picture of what you look like.” she replies “she is fine and I will” I reply while blushing why I was blushing I don’t know how to explain but I was also overflowing with joy “Infernal you should know by now that we love you” this voice sounded familiar but I couldn’t really place it, it was a manly yet gentle voice then an image of me playing with my elder brother flashed into my head “Hellfire!!!” I said excitedly for some reason I cant explain “yes little brother ?” he asked slightly confused and happy “im sorry I just remembered when we use to play together” I said a little embarrassed “oh its ok little brother” he said overjoyed

“well we have to go now we will talk to you when you get here ok little bro” he said “ok” I replied and me, Ruby, and Crystal were on our way back to my house again …...we have reached the house now and I went into my room to find the dresses that my mom bought me for switch gender day at school and handed them to Crystal and she smiled then blushed and asked “can I have a pair of your underwear to wear?” I blushed a little and said “sure” and I went back in my room and found a pair of boxers and handed them to Crystal she blushed again and went into the bathroom to change and when she came out she was wearing a blue and black dress that shined in the light and she was so beautiful that she would put any flower to shame and smelled better than any fragrance that I have ever smelled I wanted to hug her and kiss her so very badly but that could wait till we got to Ruby's house

I had Ruby to put all the animals and my parents into a deep sleep and implant memories that I was waiting for my acceptance letter to study in Japan and then we went out and I wrote a note that said “ I got accepted to study in Japan im leaving immediately so I wont be any farther behind than I already am” then we went to get in Ruby's car I expected it to be a rental car but it was a new 2011 Mustang GT me and Crystal got in the back and Ruby got in the driver's seat and we left for her house. we headed toward cape and stopped at Boomland to get something to eat. Ruby got me five mcchickens and a soda I took a few bites out of my first mcchicken and I saw Crystal staring at it and I offered her a bite and she blushed a little and took a bite and then her face lite up like a light as if it was the best thing she had ever tasted. so I just had to smile and I gave her a couple of my mcchickens and she ate them and I finished mine then we left and I pulled out my cigarettes and grabbed one and lite it to smoke it and Ruby did the same after me and Ruby finished our cigarettes we got in the car I was in the back by Crystal again and I felt sleepy so I laid my head on Crystal's shoulder and I guess I fell asleep because I awoke in a room filled with stuff I liked I got up and went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and saw my face and my hair it was standing straight up and had black and orange streaks I thought that my hair was on fire at first.

After I used the bathroom I went into the kitchen and saw Ruby and Crystal making dinner and said “ did I really sleep that long?” and Ruby answered “yeah me and Crystal carried you into your room” "okay thanks well I'm gonna go take a shower" I said as was walking toward the bathroom and then Crystal said “ill be there in a sec to help you” I thought for a second and said “ why would I need help in the shower? You could have said I'll join you” Crystal looked sad for a sec then she turned her frown upside down and said “ok then I'll join you in a sec”

I walked into the bathroom turned the shower on and waited for the water to heat up and took off my clothes and I hopped in the shower and soaked for a sec and then Crystal walked in and began to strip and I noticed just how slender she was not to mention how big her ass was.

she turned and looked at me and saw that I was staring and blushed a little and smiled a smile the made me want to just tackle her but I restrained myself. When she got in the shower she said “want me to help wash your back”