• This is based on concepts derived from the book "Infinite Concept".

Elements of Universal Cyclic Energy ForceEdit

  • The Universal Cyclic Energy Force flows through everything in the Multiverse, this includes all of time and space as well as every existing biosphere.
  • Universal Cyclic Energy Force forms in vortexes that revolve in a cycle.
  • Time which is connected to Universal Cyclic Energy Force cycles in a never ending repeating vortex which is why time is cyclic and never ending.
  • This same principle regards to living beings, after death we then cycle back into life because we are connected to the Universal Cyclic Energy Force, this explains reincarnation.
  • Because time is cyclic, the past effects the future, and the future effects the past.
  • Universal Cyclic Energy Force flows through living beings in the form of cyclic vortexes, each time you are reincarnated a new vortex is formed within you, however the old vortex stays as well.
  • Each vortex in you represents a past life and these past lives effect your current life vortex.
  • Past Lives that contain negative events that repeat throughout each of your lives create blockages in Universal Cyclic Energy that can be removed by learning from these Past Lives, this is called Progressive Evolution.
  • These past life vortexes make up the Psychic Consciousness.
  • Universal Cyclic Energy Force connects everything into one united form known as Super Consciousness.
  • By consciously staying aware of the Universal Cyclic Energy Force you can access your connection to everything including your past lives.
  • Universal Cyclic Energy Force is visible to those who can see it and can be photographed as it resonates from human beings, explaining auras.
  • It is believed that an advanced form of technology could harness this energy and that other civilizations on other worlds and in other universes already have.

Using Universal Cyclic Energy ForceEdit

  • Universal Cyclic Energy Force is harnessed through conscious awareness of its resonance.
  • May be used for Aura Viewing, accessing Super Consciousness, accessing Psychic Consciousness, Past Life Viewing, Progressive Evolution and more.

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