• They practice Past_Life_Viewing and believe that all problems in our current lives stem from events in the past, and that by learning from our Past Lives we can make a better future.
  • The academy explains psychic abilities to stem from the fourth dimension.
  • They claim to have contacted many extraterrestrials who are collectively known as the Interplanetary Federation who wish to assist in improving Earth spiritually, gifting us with healing ability, clean limitless energy, and advanced spacecraft technology.
  • They also speak of a Dark Brotherhood, who have many times lead man astray toward war, imperialism, and destruction in the past.
  • They believe in the Lighted Ones, spiritual beings that release a cosmic energy of love that empowers us all and inspires man.
  • The Lighted Ones telepathically speak with us all, giving us access to our Past Lives all the time, and it is believed by the Unarius Academy of Science that we must only listen to hear them.

Unarius Academy of Science LinksEdit

  • Homepage:

  • Youtube Account:

  • Interplanetary Federation Site:

  • Public Broadcast: (Search for "Unarius"

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