308px-Link Ocarina of Time

Link using the Ocarina of Time to travel through it's flow.

Each section of this page contains a different way to do the same thing, Time Travel. If you are interested in time travel, you are in the right place.

Energy B: Time TunnelingEdit

This is an application of Energy B that allows you to enter alternate histories and futures:

  • By using Energy B you can project a ray that opens up a portal of Energy B, by walking into it you can astral project into alternate time lines. Similar to quantum jumping only in alternate histories/futures instead of other universes. Time Tunneling is an interesting way to explore time but sadly anything you change time tunneling only effects an alternate timeline.

Atlantean MagicEdit

This is a spell that gives the caster mastery over time, it is a highly advanced spell, not for those who are new to spell casting:

Level 10

  • TyIkle = [t-aye-ik-led] time mastery allows for manipulation of time itself by focusing on the time you want or the words that mean slow [slo], speed up [spe], or pause [wo]. This effect lasts a few years.


This ability is the ability to travel through time:


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