The Philip Experiment11:24

The Philip Experiment


  • An experiment completed in the 1970s by a group of eight people to create a ghost.
  • Together they created a fictional character and gave it a complete history.
  • They also drew a picture of the fictional character.
  • Then they meditated and visualized the character taking form.
  • They were able to feel the character's presence in the air around them and see very clear mental pictures of it.
  • They then were able to communicate with the character through seances where many unexplained psychokinetic events took place including mysterious noises, flashing lights, and the levitation of tables.
  • The character was able to accurately answer questions concerning its past and even was able to provide information on real historical events.
  • This experiment has been replicated multiple times by different people, each time with similar results.

How to Conduct the Philip ExperimentEdit

  • Imagine a character and create a biography for them.
  • Draw a picture of the character.
  • Meditate on the character while visualizing it taking form.
  • Try to feel the character's presence around you.
  • Complete seances and attempt to communicate with the character.


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