The Order of Light is an organization dedicated to spreading the truth to awaken the people of the world and helping anyone in need.
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Part of Project Archstar.


The Order of Light was officially founded in 2017 by psion Zayne Kalis with the idea of psychics and the like using their skills to help people. Soon after it became a part of Project Archstar—the global plan to help the Earth—with a focus on enlightenment and helping those in need.

The Order is currently small, consisting of only a handful of members, but is actively seeking out new people to join the cause.


The main goal of the Order is to teach people how to find their true selves, connect with the world around them and discover their long forgotten natural abilities.

While spreading knowledge is a major focus of the organization, it also branches to other areas, especially charity work. Members are encouraged to be an example to everyone around them and to help out anyone they can.

Joining the OrderEdit

The Order is for those who want to take an active role in helping the world. It is more than just a cause, it's a dedicated group. It is open to psions, psychics, witches, sorcerers, etc. or anyone willing to learn.

To join the Order of Light, simply use one of the contact methods listed below, and share a little bit about yourself, why you want to join the Order and what you hope to do for the world.



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