What is hypnotism?Edit

Hypnotism is the use of co-operation and visualization/imagination between the hypnotist and him/herself, or the hypnotist and his/her patient in order to cause desired behaviors within the hypnotist or patient based on hypnotic suggestion given by the hypnotist.

The best times to hypnotize someoneEdit

  • When they are day dreaming
  • When they are relaxed

Though these are the best times, you can hypnotize someone at any time.

The Rules of HypnotismEdit

  • The hypnotist can't make the patient behave in any way the patient doesn't want to behave. In other words, if the patient does not co-operate with the hypnotist, the patient will not be hypnotized.

How to hypnotize someoneEdit

  • Instruct the patient to imagine the desired behavior
  • Ask the patient if they imagined it, and if so, instruct the patient to act out the behavior as they imagined it.

(This is where co-operation is the most important, if the patient refuses to a.Use their imagination [or] b.Act out what they imagined, then the desired behavior will not be given by the patient.)

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