• Shen Manipulation is the manipulation of Spirit Energy into Spirit Constructs and Spirit Avatars.

How to Use Shen ManipulationEdit

  • Shen is directly related to concentration and attention, this connection allows for Shen to be manipulated through concentration and attention.
  • Concentrate your efforts on channeling some of your Shen into a shape or form outside of your body.
  • This is a Spirit Construct, Spirit Constructs can be programmed through Energy Programming.
  • You can name Spirit Constructs by programming them with a name that way when you wish to call it back to you it will return.
  • Spirit Constructs with names are called Spirit Avatars.


  • Shen is your spirit, you are limited by the amount of Spirit Energy you possess, to use all of your Shen would cause you to loose consciousness.
  • Whenever you use Shen you must make sure to meditate and draw it back into your body.
  • The use of Shen can be exhausting and rest is recommended after the use of Shen Manipulation.
  • Shen returns to the position where it was projected unless programmed otherwise, this means Shen will not return to you if you move somewhere else unless you program it to do so.

Training and Skill ImprovementEdit

  • Mediation helps keep your Chi, Shen, and Jing in balance.
  • Meditate more often to increase your balance and improve your Shen Manipulation skill.

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