How to generate a Self Destruct Force FieldEdit


Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, performing Self Destruct.

  • Form a Ki Dome around yourself, you can do this by flowing ki into your hands and shaping a dome around yourself, or by flowing ki out of your body and using your will to shape it into a dome.
  • Continually flow ki into the Ki Dome or use a charging technique on the Ki Dome. Charge the Ki Dome with all the ki in your body, leave absolutely no ki left in your body, use absolutely all of it on your Force Field.
  • Using your will when the time is right, program your Force Field to explode with your thoughts.

This technique can be used as an absolute last result, it requires all your power and will do the strongest amount of damage possible to an opponent. This technique can be very dangerous depending on the amount of ki in your body you could destroy a large area around you in the explosion. This technique also is highly dangerous because it pushes a person to their limits and then explodes them. Failure to continually feed your ki dome with more ki will cause your force field to weaken and eventually dissolve.

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