Gadget VendorsEdit

Gadget Vendors sell gadgets, talk with a gadget vendor in order to purchase new gadgets.

Known Gadget Vendors


Contact Info:!/NightwingUJLA

Kid Flash

Contact Info:

Suit VendorsEdit

Suit Vendors sell suits and suit asscessories that such as bullet proof vest, masks, cloth tights, pads, etc. Visit a Suiit Vendor in order to purchase a new suit.

Known Suit Vendors

Matches Malone

Contact Info:!/capedcrusaderujla?notif_t=friend_confirmed

Kid Flash

Contact Info:


Oracles post missions on the mission control blog, as well as send member specific infomration to that member. Talk to Oracles to see what missions are available or to see if there is any news.

Known Oracles

Jet Black RLSH (Oracle for Weird Communitty Wiki)

Contact Info:

Red Robin (Oracle for UJLA Omac Systems)

Contact Info:!/redrobin.ujla

Cross (Oracle for Weird Community Wiki)

Contact info:

Investigation CompilersEdit

Compilers take data from your investigation and compile it into one file and send it back to you.

Known Compilers

Jet Black RLSH

Contact Info:

For more listingsEdit

For more RLSH assistants please look at the RLSH Team pages and read descriptions of all RLSH Teams on the wiki.