• Quantum Jumping is a meditation/visualization technique that allows you to enter other universes and communicate with different versions of yourself from different universes.
  • Whether or not you are actually entering another universe is up to debate but my personal experiences with quantum jumping are very interesting and insightful.

How to Quantum JumpEdit

  • To do a quantum jump get in a mediating position and focus all your attention into jumping into another universe, visualize standing on a perch in space and jumping from the perch to a door to another universe and talking with yourself from another universe.
  • It is also said that quantum jumping is easier to do while listening to quantum jumping meditation audio though I myself have never done this.

More InformationEdit

  • Quantum Jumping is an interesting experience that allows you to see yourself differently and experience what if scenarios.
  • An example of a what if scenario would be quantum jumping into a universe where you made a different decision in the past that completely changed your future.
  • The "Quantum" in quantum jumping is only a mention to the idea in quantum mechanics that parallel universes exist and doesn't really have a lot to do with what quantum jumping is.
  • Quantum jumping can be a fun, interesting, and adventurous experience.
  • Quantum Jumping is good practice for Exomental projection and is much easier thanks to being able to be done with the eyes closed. 
  • You can Astral Project to other universes without having to Quantum Jump if Astral projection is easier for you to do.


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