there is somethin which we could all do if we put in a little effort. we could make an internet just 4 psions. if u want to help, program a construct to place psi balls in locations where u want them. also program it to shell the psi balls it creates and program them to access this internet and bring in mana to keep themselves alive. if u want to make a website on there, just program another psi ball with the web page content and the task to respond to other ppls clients (aka their internet browser (has to b an extension of their astral body, like Jet detailed on Astral Construct Body Layering) with the data requested.

WWPI = World Wide Psionic Internet

How to connect to the Psionic Internet by using Astral Consturct Body LayeringEdit

Astal Construct Body Layer a visor.

Create an Astral Energy Clone.

Tell it to connect your visor to the psionic internet.

Reabsorb the clone.

Make sure the visor is projected a view inches away from your Face

Type in the WWPI URL to the page of your choice by thinking the letters one by one

Think Enter