Create a large psi ball and charge it

Then mold it into a person or a special puppet design of your own.

Now if you want you can add weapons or shields to it. Maybe a secrect blade that comes out the mouth or arm. Now when done with that, then program it to not disperse.

Now to control any puppet you need strings, so make long strings of psi come out your finger tips and attach them to a body part of the puppet.

Try moving it around a little to get a feel for it. Once you have the hang of it try using any special parts you may have added

If you want full control of each part like it's your own body then use the psi strings split each string into smaller strings and connect them to other parts inside the body.

You can use it as a personal soilder, use it to do your task quicker, a easy combat weapon that is all ways ready to go. i hope you enjoy using it remember it can always be fixed.


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