Source Edit

  • Journal of Communication Volume 25:1 Winter 1975

The Seven Elements of Psi-Conductive States Edit

One of the most obvious characteristics

of persons in the psi-conducive state

is that they are physically relaxed. 

A second characteristic "symptom" of

the psi-conducive syndrome is reduced

physical arousal or activation. 

Another symptom of the psi-conducive state

is increased awareness of internal focuses,

feelings, and images (including dreams and fantasy),

The fifth hypothesis suggests that psi

is decreased with "action mode/left hemispheric

functioning" and increased with "receptive

mode/right hemispheric functioning."

The sixth characteristic of the

psi-conducive state is an altered view of

the nature of the world. 

The final ingredient of the psi-conducive

syndrome is that psi must be momentarily important. 

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