Dbz energy wave

Psi balls are balls of energy that comes from your mind and different sources. To make a psi ball, meditate for 15 minutes to fill your mind up with psi energy. Next, cup your hands in front of you and visualize your minds energy flowing from your mind, down the arms, to the palms and forming a psi ball. The longer you do it, the stronger it becomes. Also known as the energy of your mind, minds energy, or thought forms.

Compressing psi Training : to make a large psi ball, make a psi ball then visualize as you pull your hands away from the ball growing bigger and bigger if you want to make a energy shield. You can also program the energy ball to do almost anything, that can be healing, cryokinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, telekinesis, curing diseases, forming shapes, send messages, forming psi swords, and you can even throw psi balls at people for them to catch. Remember that everyone has this powerful energy and we all are born with it. You can make it cold and hot as well.

Warning: I know that this may sound easy, but if you draw energy from yourself, you will feel drained and tired, so don't use too much psi energy from you, always draw it from different sources, sun, moon, earth, storms, planets, movement, fire, and the endless supply, such as the universe.

Tips:if you do feel drain, 2 ways you can restore your psi energy, 1 to fall asleep for few hours, 2 meditate for 10 to 20 minutes.

And remember that this is mental, but it is also physical which means you can see them with the naked eye with aura viewing training. Psi balls can still affect the physical world and people. They can also be in any shape and form. They are real. We can also make psi swords which are like Jedi Lightsabers that can cut through almost any known source, and add elements to make it strong and powerful.

Like all the forms of psychokinesis, an open mind, meditation, relaxing, willpower, and concentration is vital if you want to do this.

It can also be used to affect emotions: anger, sadness, happiness, love, peace, joy, tranquil, and others. We all are psychic and we can do all of this stuff with our mind.