Space time power of general

In the case of Temporal anomally or Invaders from another time:

  • We would need a way to travel through time in order to fix temporal anomalies caused by time travelers, a way to send time travelers back to their own time, and a way to take away their ability to time travel.
  • We would need someone who could Time Tunnel using Energy B in order to create portals that could allow us to travel through time and send time travelers back to their own time.
  • We would need someone who could use technokinesis in order to corrupt any form of time travel device the time traveler could be using in order to alter history and confiscate the device.
  • We would need someone who could create an Effect Force Field that would prevent anyone inside of it from using time travel related magick or psionic abilities to prevent the Time Traveler from using those abilities to corrupt time.

This means members of a squad would require atleast one of the following skills:

  • Energy B Manipulation
  • Effect Force Field Generation
  • Technokinesis

If you have any of these skills and would like to join a squad to prevent temporal anomalies and time traveler invasion please post a reply below.

If you would like to join the squad but lack the skills listed here are some links to help you train in these skills:

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