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In the case of a Rogue Master Magician:

  • We would need to be able to avoid their magick as it would be too strong for us to handle, be insanely lucky not to get killed, cause them to no longer be Master Magicians or have some way to negate the Master Magician's magick temporarily.
  • We would need someone who could use the Level 2 Atlantian spell Sild, it makes the target of the spell insanely difficult to hit and gift them energy immunity. By enchanting the entire squad with this spell it helps turn the tables on the rogue magician because they would be practically immune to their magick and easily be able to dodge it. The Level One Atlantian Magick Spell "Resis" is also good, it allows for immunity to mental and energy attacks.
  • We need someone who knows Tychokinesis or the Level 3 Atlantian Magick Spell "Luc". Using those abilities to increase the team's luck will lower the chances of a casualty and heighten the squads success rate.
  • We need someone who knows the Level 2 Atlantian spell "Dum", it would cause the Master Magician to loose their master level in spellcasting and make them easier to handle.
  • We need someone who knows the Level 2 Atlantian spell "DyiFav" it would allow the caster to make the Master Magician temporarily loose their magickal ability by using the assistance of Gods.
  • We could also include someone who knows the Level 4 Atlantian spell NeijiiMyy, which dispels magick.

This means we need sqaud members with atleast one of the following skills:

  • Atlantean Magick Proficency someone who can cast spells as high as Level 3 (or 4)
  • Tychokinesis

If you have any of these skills and would like to join a squad to help defend against Rogue Master Magicians please post a reply below.

If you lack these skills but would like to join the squad, here are some links to help you train in these skills:

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