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  • This page is about Power Glyphs from the book:

Familiar Spirits: A Practical Guide for Witches & Magicians by Donald Tyson

  • This page will also teach you how to use the Power Glyphs.
  • Power Glyphs are used in order to summon familiar spirits.

About Familiar SpiritsEdit

  • Every familiar spirit has a gender, a major element, a personality, and a name.
  • Familiar spirits act as teachers, guardians, partners, and in some cases lovers.
  • Familiars must be treated with high respect and with friendly affection.

How to create a Familiar SpiritEdit

  • Put your desire in a sentence
  • Remove all unnecessary words
  • Make your sentence more than three words but no less than three.
  • Break your phrase into initials, again no more than nine letters and no less than three.
  • Capitalize all letters
  • Add vowels to make the spirits name more pronounceable, all vowels you add must be lowercase.
  • Change all the capital letters into their associated power glyph.
  • Form the power glyphs into a compact, solid image.

Learning about your Familiar SpiritEdit

  • Each Power Glyph represents a quality or attribute of your familiar.
  • Use the chart at the top to create a description of your Familiar.
  • The majority gender of the letters in your familiar's name determines its gender.
  • The majority element of the letters in your familiar's name determines its dominate elemental power.

How to summon your Familiar SpiritEdit

  • Make yourself comfortable, clean, and respectable.
  • Visualize your familiar spirit with you, your spirit will resemble its name.
  • You will feel your Familiar arrive, when your familiar arrives thank it and talk with it.

When should you summon your Familiar?Edit

  • Daily to thank it and to talk with it.
  • When you need to learn something concerning magick.
  • When you need protection
  • When you need friendship
  • When you need guidance
  • When you need love

Video on how to create Power Glyph Familiar SpiritsEdit

How to Create a Power Glyph Familiar Spirit

How to Create a Power Glyph Familiar Spirit