• Paranormal Researchers take the time to investigate and research paranormal phenomenon.
  • They normally work for publications and write columns about their paranormal research on news websites and blogs.
  • Paranormal Researchers sometimes collect their research into volumes which they publish and sell.
  • The more adventurous researcher travels in search of paranormal phenomenon and is hired by clients to varify hauntings and the presence of supernatural beings in an area.

How to Become a Paranormal Researcher on your OwnEdit

  • Start your own blog containing your paranormal research and make profit through ad revenue.
  • Publish a series of books collecting your paranormal research.
  • Blogger supports adsense and is great for starting a paranormal blog:

  • Smashwords is a website where you can publish and sell your ebooks for free.

Career Oppurtunities for Paranormal ResearchersEdit

Pages about Paranormal Researcher (Career)Edit

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