• Otherkin are humans with a non human soul, it has been discussed how this works.
  • Every soul goes through stages, like human evolution.
  • In theory everybody should be an otherkin, as the soul still is what it used to be it just shifted/evolved. (depends on perspective)
  • The term "otherkin" is more a commitment, that people make because they believe they don't have a human soul.
  • You should decide for yourself, listen to your heart and mind.

Types of OtherkinEdit

  • Born: These Otherkin were born with a non-human soul but human body.
  • Evolved: These Otherkin were born with a human soul and a human body but overtime there souls began to change and become non-human due to Soul Evolution.

What is Soul Evolution?Edit

  • The natural process of one's soul to change overtime into a non-human soul.
  • This can be done by ascending into a being that is not human, or by having your soul switched with another soul, or even by magickally changing your soul into another type of soul.
  • Past Life Viewing may be used to allow for you to see if one of your past lives has already gone through Soul Evolution, if that is the case then you are already an Otherkin.
  • Soul Evolution should not be forced as it is a natural process that happens overtime.

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