Dimensional Portal by disavian

How to Open PortalsEdit

  • Focus your intent on one area.
  • Visualize a small point floating in mid air and with your intent expand it into an Energy Construct in the shape of a disc.
  • Have the Energy Construct expand until it is the size you like.
  • Program your energy construct to act as a gateway between the physical realm and the astral realm.
  • You can also program the Portal to take you to a specific location in the Astral Realm like an Astral World as well as create a portal in the Astral Realm that connects to another location in the Astral Realm.


  • Bridging the Astral Realm and Physical Realm creating easy access between the two via Astral Projecting.
  • Bridging two separate locations in the Astral Realm for easy access between the two via Astral Projecting.
  • To bring Astral Entities and Beings into the Physical realm in their Astral Forms.
  • To transport Astral Beings to different locations in the Astral Realm.


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