These internet games test your psychic abilities and help you train them.

List of Games

  • Psychokinesis Trainer:

  • ESP and Telepathy Trainer:

  • Psychokinesis Lottery Game:

  • Zener Cards ESP Online Championship:

  • Precognition Championship:

  • What shape is in the Box Psychic Test:

  • Spider Zener Card Tests:

  • Halls of Healing Psychic Training Game (Trains distance healing and intuition):

  • Garden of Dreams Psychic Training Adventure Game (trains many aspects of intuition):

  • Telekinesis Test:

  • Telekinesis Test:

  • PSI-Q Test (Asses which psychic abilities you probably have and which are strongest):

  • PK Online Championship:

  • Got Psi?:

  • Sensitivety to Psychic Energy:

  • IRVA

  • Parapsychological Association 

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