Meditation TypesEdit

  • Deity Yoga
    • Visualize oneself as a deity in the enviornment of the deity and immerse yourself in the deity's identity.
    • Experimentally proven to unlock advanced visiospatial awareness allowing for one to more easily visualize locations, solve puzzels, and remember complex images.
  • Non-Dual Meditation
    • Meditate and visualize yourself dissolving into reality and feel yourself becoming one with all.
    • Experimentally proven to unlock one's perception of time through the past, present, and future simultaneously.
  • Light Visualization
    • Meditate, visualize, and feel light pulsing through your body.
    • Experimentally proven to allow people to control the number of Biophotonic emissions from the body.
    • Note: Biophotons are a part of the visible and UV spectrum of light.

Effects of BiophotonsEdit

Effect of Ultra-Violet LightEdit

Ultraviolet light has the following effects in humans:Edit

Positive Effects (UV in Moderation)Edit

  • Can improve a person's mood (produces endorphin)
  • Triggers vitamin D which strengthens our bones, muscles, and immune systems.
  • Can help with certain skin conditions (phototherapy)
  • Is great for disinfection and sterilization (kills bacteria and viruses)
  • Photoprotection for the skin (helps produce melanin which protects the skin from harmful radiation)
  • Increase in skin pigmentation (cosmetic tanning)
  • Can indirectly effect the nervous system (produces NO in blood stream)

Negative Effects (Over Exposure to UV)Edit

  • Ages Skin
  • Causes Cancer
  • Causes sunburn
  • Damages eyes
  • Damages Immune System
  • Can indirectly effect the nervous system (produces NO in blood stream)

Interesting Effects on Animals and InsectsEdit

  • Some animals can see into near UV light allowing them to better locate flowers, seeds, and fruit.
  • Many insects can sense UV emissions and use them as references when navigating in flight (this is why insects are attracted to light).

Effects of Ultra Violet Light on PolymersEdit

UV light can actually weaken the structure of polymers and fade their color.

Non-Dual Light Deity MeditationEdit

  • About
    • A combination of the above meditation types, NDLDM allows for someone to unlock all the experimentally proven abilities of the other meditations.
  • Technique
    • Visualize all of reality as powerful glowing light.
    • Visualize becoming one with the light of reality and having it flow and pulse throughout your body.
    • Visualize yourself as a deity of light and immerse yourself in the deity's identity.


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