• name = Kingdom of Mistovia
  • motto = Where belief is at an end let it find peace
  • anthem = Mistovia, Mistovia, a monarchy of men, Mistovia, Mistovia, Horah!
  • location = USA
  • capital = Greene Robert City
  • languages = English
  • religions = Freedom of Religion
  • demonym = Mistovian
  • government = Monarchy
  • head of state = King
  • hos_name = Jet Black}}


The Monarchy of Mistovia was re-founded on July 9 by King Jet. The Monarchy of Mistovia is a kingdom.

Services to other NationsEdit

The Monarchy of Mistovia supplies espionage services to other micronations. For more information on Mistovian espionage services contact the king of Mistovia.


Jetblackrlsh is working as a spy for small countries known as micronations.

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