Manticores are astral beasts known for their violent predatory nature. Manticores are hunters and will hunt any prey.


  • Human head
  • Sometimes Winged
  • Red Lion Body
  • Scorpion/Dragon Tail
  • Razor Sharp teeth
  • Manticores shoot spines that can neutralize one's abilities (temporarily) or even kill them.
  • Devours prey alive

How to defeat a ManticoreEdit

  • Avoid the manticore's spines at all cost.
  • If you are shot by the spines your power will be severely decreased and you will have to rely completely on your own will power to use your abilities.
  • Manticores can't take a lot of damage all at once, so by attacking it consecutively as hard as you can, you can defeat it.

How to recover from a Manticore spineEdit

  • Relax
  • Ki flare the best you can
  • Rest
  • Your abilities should eventually return to you.
  • Restoring your energy field around you is the key.

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