• The ability to manipulate mana in the air through visualization into constructs.
  • Mana is the energy that is released by all living beings into the air and is all around us.
  • Energy Constructs: Energy programmed with a particular shape, appearance, intelligence, and/or action.

What you will need to know to complete Mana Manipulation?Edit

  • Energy Sensing: The ability to feel the movement of energy inside, outside, and around yourself and others.
  • Energy Programming: The use of one's willpower and intent to change the shape, appearance, intelligence, or action of an Energy Construct.

The TechniqueEdit

  • Use Energy Sensing to feel the mana flowing around you, it is always there, always flowing.
  • Visualize the mana flowing in a circular motion around you and feel the intensity as it pulses and increases in strength.
  • Now when the mana has hit its strongest energy level and is as intense as it possibly can be use Mana Vision to see the mana around you.
  • Now focus your mind on the energy circling around you and use Energy Programming to gather the mana into whatever you can imagine, give it the shape; properties; actions; and intelligence you desire.
  • When you are done with your construct you can disperse it back into the air.
  • If you want your construct to last program it to continue to charge itself.
  • If you want the construct to always come back to you whenever you send it off somewhere without you, give it name, from then on whenever you call its name the construct will come.

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