• June 15th, 1997


  • Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest


  • There is legend of a group of wealthy magick practitioners who became city planners and created a machine in Denver, Colorado that funneled the psychic energy of the city to one location so that it could be manipulated by the wealthy practitioners to increase their magick.

Inspired by this legend a group of scholars and alchemists in 1997 created a machine known as the Glyph that uses special artifacts arranged in the shape of the tree of life in a city somewhere in the Pacific North West near the Rocky Mountains in order to raise an astral temple that acts as the strongest point of psychic energy in the city culminating all the psychic energies in the city into one place.

This machine is still there to this day and the group who call themselves Companions of the Glyph wish to inspire the creation of these machines in cities around the world.


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