What is a KuratasEdit

  • The basic Kuratas has no additional parts or weapon systems of any kind.
  • The Basic Kuratas is called a KR-01.
  • Every additional weapon system, feature, or part costs thousands of dollars extra the lowest costing add-ons are around $600.
  • An unedited Kuratas costs $1,353,500 USD

Kuratas Weapon SystemsEdit

  • Iron Crow (Robotic Hand/Claw)
  • Dual Gatling Guns (Fires 6,000 BBs a minute)
  • Iohas Launcher (Fires Water Bottles and is the least accurate weapon)
  • Kuratas Handgun (Double Barrel Gun) (Ammunition unknown but probably fires water bottles or simply water)
  • Organic Rifle (Not much is known)

Kuratas PartsEdit

  • Carbon Shields
  • Studless tires
  • Radio Unit
  • Shot proof armor
  • Pilotless Head
  • Third Eye (?)

Additional FeaturesEdit

  • 16 color choices
  • 4 different seat materials (Corduroy, Artificial Leather, Leather, and Cotton)
  • Drink holder
  • Iphone Holder

Basic AmmunitionEdit

  • BBs
  • Water
  • Water Bottles


  • V-Sido is what is used to control a Kuratas.
  • This system allows for simple point by point control that can be based on dual motion controllers or touch screen.
  • The easiest way to control a Kuratas is through motion control or touch screen.
  • V-Sido's motion control uses two joysticks that represent the mech's arms.

Basic SpecsEdit

  • 13 feet tall
  • 12,000 pounds
  • Top speed 7 mph
  • Diesel Engine
  • Auto-Targeting
  • Smile Control Firing (Smile Shot)
  • Phone Connector (Allows for you to make phone calls while piloting your Kuratas.)
  • Head Protector (Helmet with visor and microphone)
  • Convoy Guard (Protective armor for the wearer)

What its like getting inside a KuratasEdit

  • Outside the mech is a button that opens the cockpit.
  • From inside the cockpit you press another button to close the cockpit door.
  • When the cockpit door is closed you see a television display that shows you what the mech's head mounted camera can see.
  • Inside is a touch screen controller and a smaller version of the mech that when is posed poses the actual mech suit.

Kuratas Video ManualEdit

Weapons ControlEdit

  • Weapons are controlled based on an Auto-Alignment system and facial recognition control.
  • The Kuratas will automatically target for you as long as your target is in view of the head mounted camera.
  • By smiling you command your Kuratas to fire at its currently locked on target.
  • The Auto-Alignment targeting system tracks moving targets and should always hit its mark, however accuracy is dependent on your Kuratas custom weapons systems.


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