• I also call this Ki Smithing.
  • This is the ability to form armor and weapons with just your ki.


  • To create armor you must preform a Ki Flare .
  • This is done by focusing all your energy in your Tan-Tien.
  • Then all of a sudden burst it outward like an explosion. This should be visualized around you like a flame.
  • Then you need to start to harden it into armor everyone will have different color and style armor.
  • This can be done all over your body or just in parts.


  • It is possible to infuse your weapons with elemental weapons and make them more powerful.
  • Staff- Focus ki in your hands. Then put your palms together as if your praying. Then slowly pull apart your hands leaving behind about a 3/4 - 1 inch of cylinder once again color and style will differ. When done just move it with your hands.
  • Sword- Focus ki in your hands. Make a fist with your dominate hand. Place the palm of your splayed non dominate hand on top. Slowly pull them apart leaving behind a sword with the hilt in your dominate hand.


  • All this must be done with visualization and will power.
  • A person who mainly does weapons is called a ki weaponist while a armor user is called a ki armorist.
  • You use both and just be a ki smith.

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