These universes are universes where the Justice league exist.

Important Facts about JLM UniverseEdit

  • This universe is not exactly like the comic books.
  • Jason Todd is dead
  • Dick Grayson leads the Teen Titans
  • Tim Drake leads Young Justice which in this universe is a secret group
  • Damaian Wayne is the current Robin (Deceased but still exists as a spirit)
  • Talia al Ghul and Batman are openly together
  • Everyone associated with Batman is being hunted by the League of Assasins
  • In this universe Gotham has not yet suffered from Earthquakes and Arkham City has not yet been built.
  • Damian Wayne is very competitive when it comes to being around other teenagers.
  • Atlantis is on another planet, but it is possible that it was once just an Earth civilization.
  • Aquaman is thousands of years old due to Atlantean magic that keeps him alive.
  • They can travel to other universes via Boom Tubes
  • Oa is a planet within the Milky Way Galaxy behind the planet Saturn
  • The Amazons in this universe are very violent and highly dislike men.
  • This Justice League is heavily focused on protected the multiverse as a whole, not just the Earth.

Important Facts about JLM 2 UniverseEdit

  • Brainiac is attacking this universe trying to collect nanites that were stolen from him by Lex Luthor. Brainiac is trying to remove the nanites stolen from him from Earth so that he may invade Earth. He has ships that contain robotic armies that are collecting anything containing nanites, once he captures most of the things in the area containing nanites he begins collecting people containing them as well. The Teen Oracles are working with this JLM to stop Brainiac.
  • Everything is infected with nanites, their weapons, suits, even their bodies. The nanites are upgradeable allow them to have weapons that can transform into other weapons, have their clothes change in a matter of seconds, and see things in their enviornment that those without nanites could not see
  • Even though everything is contaminated with nanites some people can only see nanite displays in the environment and did not gain abilities from their nanites.
  • This Justice league is more focused on its own Earth and isn't really a JLM, this is mostly because their Earth is in direct peril due to the Brainiac invasion.