Cryokinesis, or ice manipulation, is the power to manipulate cold, generating frost and ice with the mind. Before you start, you want to prepare your body for this. With this ability, you can cool down yourself and others during summer and such. you can cause your opponents too be chilled out.

Cultivating water[1]Edit

To start out, you want to ground or be in ki breathing position. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself standing by a waterfall. Visualize energy coming from the water and flowing down to your tan tien, mixing in with your ki. you have successfully cultivated water energy.

Another way is when you're taking a shower, let the water hit your front side, and visualize the water is being stored in your tan tien. Do this for a minute or 2.

Dropping temperature's[2]Edit

Now, this is where you can find cryokinesis all over the web, and this does work. First, meditate to clear your mind and relax. Then stand near a thermometer, focus and close your eyes. Visualize yourself standing in a middle of a bilzzard, with snowing blowing past you, and frigid of wind forming ice on the ground. Try to actually feel your body getting colder. you can also visualize the area being covered with Ice, which can help cause the temperature to drop lower. Don't give up, for this does take practice. you will achieve it if you keep up the hard work.

Ice Ball[3]Edit

I give credit to Psiwiki for these exercises.

This is the other common cryokinesis training that we will see a lot. Now, there are many ways of doing this, but I will explain one of them. Get into the stance that we use when we normally make a Ki or mana ball, with your knees bent a bit, and hands in the ki ball position, at your side, near our hip. Now, visualize water running over your hands and in between your hands, as if you were running them under a faucet. Feel it out, and extract the sharp energy. Now, visualize the water frosting over, try to hear the sounds of the ice crackling as the water freezes. Picture it freezing little by little, and compiling into a ball of ice between our palms. Do this for a few minutes, and see if you feel any cold between our hands. Don't worry, all these exercises take time and practice, so we might not get it on the first day. Just keep working on it. we Practice this every day, until we can do it. To test this, we can try throwing the ice ball at a candle or some kind of small flame like that. And again, don't worry if nothing happens the first few times. Just remember, when throwing the ice ball, just like any other energy ball, you must be in complete concentration and focus, so that the ball does not simply disperse into the air.

Ice Blast[4]Edit

This training can be done a couple of ways, and here I will describe both that I know of. One way, is to just make a normal ice ball, and then push your hands forward like a normal ki blast, and visualize the ice ball flying through the air, being absorbed into your target, and turning the entire thing to ice. Now, this will not actually turn the object into ice. But if done on a person, they may get a shiver, or feel cold. If you get really good, you can get things to frost over, or even freeze completly. Just don't get discouraged if it takes a long time. Now, the second way to do this, is a bit different. This way I have thought up myself. Instead of making an ice ball, fill up your fore-arms with the sharp energy. Now, visualize it freezing just like the ice ball exercise, and then shoot your hands forward, visualizing a large icicle being launched out of your hands at your foe.

Ice shield[5]Edit

This is a training that I devised myself. To start out, stand in a wide stance, and be in concentration on the elemental energy of water, and draw it into our body. Keep visualizing it filling up your body, mixing with your ki in our Dan Tien. When you think you have enough, then tense up your muscles. Become completely focused, and visualize the water element exploding out of us, and freezing mid-way through the air, forming a dome of ice around your body. visualize more water energy being added to it, the dome becoming larger and more powerful, and freezing more. Keep visualizing this happening, and also visualize the sharp energy inside us, powering us up internally, like an internal ki flame. Practice this, and remember not to over do it.

Ice Needles[6]Edit

This training I also devised myself. Now, this is similar to the Ice blast exercise, using the icicle. But, it is a bit harder and could take more practice. Now, to start out, draw in the sharp energy, and pack it into our arms. visualize it freezing like in the ki ball exercise, but staying inside our arms. Now, tense up your arms and shoot them forward as if for a blast, but this time, use your ishi(will power) to have the ice energy come out of your palms and fingertips in the form of little needles of ice, which you should focus on pelting your opponent with.

Freeze Breath[7]Edit

this is a rather easier training then the rest. all you need to do is to, simply visualize something cold a glacier,blizzards, etc You can also visualize a blizzard forming in your mouth, and your teeth becoming iceicles. then place our hands around our mouth blow frigid air out your mouth. if you get good enough, you should be able to create small icicles on objects.

Ice spread[8]Edit

i have not tested this skill yet, but here is a skill: gather water energy and pack it to your arms. Focus on changing the water to gas ice energy. then visualize this ice gas form leaving your hands, freezing objects in front of you.

Making water colder[9]Edit

this is a training skill from eternity cryokinesis i give credit to. get a glass of warm water and try to make the water colder by visualizing the outside of it being covered in ice in every second then visualize the glass starting to get frozen to the point where the glass starts to crack and the water gets colder and colder. this will take time and failure, but if you keep doing it, then you will see results in cryokinesis.

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