Technique 1Edit


This technique has you charge static electric energy into your hand and then fire it at a grounded object.

  • Place your hand on a surface generating a Non-AC charge (AC charges are extremely dangerous).

Examples of surfaces that generate Non-AC charges are:

1.) A CRT television screen right when you turn it off.

  • Touch something grounded and you will project the electricity you charged on your hand at the object you touched, shocking it.

This can be used to temporarily magnetize your hand, shock a grounded object, or mess with electrical equipment.

Technique 2Edit


The latest Human Body Generator Technology (Box)

This technique uses a machine that continually charges your body with static electricity, this makes it where you don't have to constantly charge using random Non-AC surfaces around you to shock grounded objects.

  • Use a Human Body Electric Shock Generator

More about Human Body Electric Shock Generators:

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