• This page is dedicated to the definition, application, and methods of Guided Imagery.


  • Guided Imagery: The use of words, music, or both to evoke mental scenarios in a subject in order to bring about some beneficial effects.


  • Hypnotherapy: Guided Meditation can be used as a form of hypnosis.
  • Psychotherapy: Guided Meditation can be used to evoke psychological phenomenon.


  • Homemade: Write a script using descriptive imagery to describe a sequence of events in a mental scenario. Record yourself calmly reading the script or memorize the script. Now relax yourself into a trance state while either listening to and visualizing the events in the script or by visualizing the events of the script in sequence from memory while in trance.
  • The Easy Way: Find a guided meditation or guided imagery video online. Listen to the guided imagery or guided meditation video and relax and enter trance state while visualizing the events of the guided imagery.

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