Earthbending by moptop4000

Geokinesis is the mental manipulation and movement of minerals(rock movement). Geokinetics use electromagnetism and electrostatics to manipulate minerals. First off we’ll start off what minerals are composed of. Rocks are made of atoms compressed together and vibrate at low frequency so all you have to do is let your energy vibrate at their level . Now that that is out of the way let’s get down to earthquake, all the people talk to ask how you do this  we have to go over the fundamentals first off ok so let’s get to learning.

How seismic waves work

The physics of earthquakes

Any material has a limit to how much stress it can adsorb. When rocks are stained beyond their limy, they break and grind past each other, releasing huge amounts of energy in the forms of an earthquake. As the rocks break and move, potential energy is transformed into kinetic energy in the form of seismic waves.

Types of seismic waves

P wave- In isotrophic and homogeneous solids, the polarization of a P-wave is always longitudinal; thus, the particles in the solid have vibrations along or parallel to the travel direction of the wave energy.

S wave- The S-wave moves as a shear or transverse wave, so motion is perpendicular to the direction of wave propagation: S-waves, like waves in a rope, as opposed to waves moving through a slinky, the P-wave. The wave moves through elastic media, and the main restoring force comes from shear effects. These waves are divergence less and obey the continuity equation for incompressible media.

Elastic rebound

All this time, the rocks were bending and storing up elastic energy like a stretching rubber band. Even ally, however the forces holding the rocks together are overcome. Slippage occurs at the weakest point, and like a rubber band, the rocks snap back.

Exercise & techniques

{Beginner }pebble movement: ok first off focus on the smaller molecule’s that the pebble consists of and attempt movement .and for all you spiritual people who use spiritual energy from the earth visualize brown energy coming from the earth giving you energy now use that energy to move the pebble. It will be better to use a ruler to measure the movement good luck.

{Beginner} rock pendulum: you will require a rock or pebble of about 1in tie it on the spring and wait until it get still and focus on it moving in the way you want it to move .

{Intermate}Sand manipulation: you will need for some sand to be mounted up and focus on all the grains of sand moving in movement now just so you know if you want the whole sand panl attempt movement on the whole sand to move . you should see movement ,but if you don’t see any keep on moving ok.