Daily Objectives Points Earned Through Completion
Learn and Master a New Technique 300
Create a New Technique 200
Create a New Spell 100
Travel to an Astral Domain you have never been to before or send Energy Constructs or Thoughtforms to scout an Astral Domain for you 300
Encounter and catalogue an astral being you have never previously encountered 400
Share a new technique or spell you have created with others 200
Teach a new spell or technique to someone else 400
Befriend an astral being or fellow spell crafter you have met for the first time 500

Ranks Bonus Objectives Costs
Rank 1 Master 33 Different Techniques 10,000
Rank 2 Travel to or Scout  300 Different Astral Domains 100,000
Rank 3 Train 50 Different People how to use a technique or spell that you created 1,000,000
Rank 4 Catalogue 75 newly encountered Astral Beings 10,000,000
Rank 5 Befriend over 100 astral beings or fellow spell crafters 100,000,000

What is Gamification?Edit


  • If you choose to take on this challenge, your goal is to complete as many daily objectives as you can each day.
  • Every objective you complete allows you to earn points.
  • You can use your points to increase your rank, however to gain a rank you must also complete the bonus objective associated with that rank.
  • The goal is to proove mastery over spell craft and psychic technique by reaching Rank 5.
  • After reaching Rank 5 you may continue to complete the Daily Objectives and create higher ranks of achievement to strive for. 

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