Daily Objectives Points
Research a Subculture that you haven't explored yet 100
Create a nickname for yourself that reflects the subculture you have researched, go by that nickname for the rest of the day. 100
Look through your wardrobe and try to assemble an outfit that reflects the subculture you have researched, wear that for the rest of the day. 200

Examine pieces of art, read pieces of literature, and listen to music from the subculture you have researched.

Decide what artists and writers of the subculture are your favorite and least favorite.

Media from the sub culture you are researching is the only media you can enjoy for the rest of the day.

Join a local or online community with a focus on the sub culture you have researched. 400
Befriend a member of a community that reflects the sub culture you have researched, socialize with this friend and other members of the sub culture community for the rest of the day. 400
Rank Cost
Rank I 1500
Rank II 30,000
Rank III 90,000

What is Gamification?Edit


  • Many people wish to explore different subcultures but don't exactly know where to start, or how to do so without becoming completely immersed within the subculture for months on end.
  • With that in mind this is a gamification of exploring subculture that allows you to explore and become completely immersed in a different subculture every day.
  • Completing daily objectives earns you points which you can then use to buy ranks.
  • Your goal is to complete as many objectives as possible each day and to eventually reach Rank III.
  • If you do reach Rank III, you will by that point probably be a very culturally diverse person with many friends in different subculture communities and your own personal opinions about the media of a variety of subcultures. 

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